Abrigo, a leader in financial technology, specializes in software solutions across lending, financial crime, risk, and analytics. They approached us to develop a video aimed at loan officers and bank managers, to clarify how their software streamlines the loan process involving multiple parties.

Collaborating closely with Abrigo’s marketing team, we gained a deep understanding of their business and their audience’s needs. Our approach involved crafting a detailed script that narrated the seamless interaction between a loan officer, a bank president, and a customer. We conducted extensive casting for voice and on-screen talent to bring authenticity and relatability to the personas. The production was shot in a studio, utilizing a cyclorama to create a sleek, professional backdrop that complemented the high-tech theme. The final product was a live-action and motion graphic hybrid explainer video that effectively communicated the benefits of Abrigo’s software.

The video was strategically placed on the consumer lending product page of Abrigo’s website, where it played a pivotal role in illustrating the software’s benefits. Its friendly and accessible tone, underscored by themes of efficiency and connectivity, made complex processes easily understandable and engaging for the target audience. The success of this project led to further collaborations, allowing us to create a series of videos in a similar style for other Abrigo products.