Austin Institute for Clinical Research



For AICR, founded by Dr. Ted Lain, the mission was clear: bring advanced dermatological care to the Pflugerville community through cutting-edge clinical research. The challenge was to convey this noble cause to a broader audience and encourage community involvement. Cognitive Films crafted a 30-second commercial that distilled this message effectively.

Our approach involved a personal interview with Dr. Lain, coupled with authentic footage of him interacting with patients. This blend not only humanized the process but also highlighted the tangible benefits of participating in clinical research. The production focused on creating a narrative that was both informative and engaging, ensuring that the local community could see and feel the impact of their involvement.

The outcome was a concise yet powerful commercial that increased awareness and participation in AICR’s programs. This project was particularly rewarding for Cognitive Films, providing us with an opportunity to delve deeper into the specialized field of dermatological research and foster a meaningful connection with the Pflugerville community. Through this collaboration, we were able to help AICR move closer to achieving its goal of enhancing patient care through clinical research.