Austin Institute for Clinical Research


Austin Institute for Clinical Research

Austin Institute for Clinical Research (AICR), based in Texas with locations in Pflugerville, Dripping Springs, and Houston, is renowned for its dermatology research, particularly in clinical trials aimed at treating various skin conditions. AICR sought to enhance public awareness and trust in their work by showcasing real patient experiences and expert insights through a compelling video series.

Cognitive Films undertook the challenge of capturing these genuine stories by organizing a single-day shoot at AICR’s clinic. The project involved meticulous planning to accommodate interviews with three distinct patients who had benefited from AICR’s treatments, as well as with Dr. Ted Lain, M.D., the Executive Director. In addition to conducting interviews, our team directed and shot b-roll footage that highlighted the personal aspects of the patients’ journeys and Dr. Lain’s professional environment.

AICR 30 Second Ad

The final deliverables included a brand story video that articulated AICR’s mission and dedication, narrated by Dr. Lain. Another production was a patient testimonial video that intertwined the experiences of three patients, providing a persuasive view of the impact of AICR’s research. Additionally, a 30-second commercial was crafted for local television, designed to reach a broader audience.