Bausch & Lomb SXSW


Bausch + Lomb / Zeno Group

Bausch + Lomb, an established leader in eye health, sought to bring out their ULTRA contact lens line at the SXSW 2015 Festival. Tasked with engaging the tech-savvy, screen-reliant Millennial audience, they teamed up with Cognitive Films and Zeno Group to create an interactive campaign. This project involved tech influencer Cali Lewis, known for her charismatic presence on GeekBeat.TV, to produce engaging street-level interviews and webisodes that highlighted the benefits of Bausch + Lomb’s innovative product.

Cognitive Films crafted a series of videos that combined Cali’s dynamic engagement with attendees and authentic testimonials gathered directly from the festival’s environment. This approach not only showcased real-time reactions and experiences with the ULTRA lenses but also effectively communicated the importance of eye health amidst today’s digital-heavy lifestyle. The videos were designed to resonate with Millennials, encouraging them to visit their eye care professionals and consider how Bausch + Lomb ULTRA could alleviate the strain of prolonged screen use.

The campaign culminated in the Bausch + Lomb ULTRA Lens Lounge at SXSW, where festival-goers were invited to test the lenses and share their experiences online using the hashtag #ULTRAUpgrade. The content generated was then leveraged in online promotions that continued to drive awareness and discussions around eye health. The success of this initiative was recognized with a Gold SABRE Award for “Consumer Health Campaign of the Year,” underscoring the impact and creativity of the approach.