Bitbox USA (Now Compass Datacenters)

BitBox, known for its innovative and secure IoT platform that simplifies data collection and management from critical infrastructure, sought to uniquely showcase its capabilities. They approached Cognitive Films with the idea of creating a company overview video where, rather than having leadership narrate, the narrative would be driven by their customers’ experiences. The goal was to authentically capture the essence of what BitBox offers through the voices of those who benefit directly from their platform.

Cognitive Films proposed an interview-driven video, featuring rapid-fire testimonials from three distinct clients: Compass Datacenters, Google Fiber, and Edge Presence. Our approach involved crafting a series of questions designed to elicit genuine, insightful responses about the users’ experiences with BitBox. Utilizing the EyeDirect system, we were able to conduct interviews that allowed participants to directly engage with the camera, fostering a more personal and relaxed interaction. This method not only enhanced the authenticity of the testimonials but also engaged viewers more effectively.

The final video stitched these interviews into a dynamic, fast-paced narrative enriched with motion graphic typography to emphasize key points. This format not only highlighted the versatility and impact of BitBox’s platform but also demonstrated the tangible benefits as articulated by key stakeholders. Released in 2018, this video became a pivotal marketing asset for BitBox, and its success was underscored when BitBox was later acquired by Compass Datacenters.

This project was a rewarding and insightful experience for Cognitive Films, pushing our creative boundaries and deepening our expertise in producing multi-interview hybrid videos. It showcased our ability to innovate in the field of corporate storytelling, turning a traditional company overview into a compelling, customer-led narrative.