Bookshare Reader Testimonials

For Bookshare, a transformative digital platform designed to make reading accessible for individuals with disabilities such as dyslexia, blindness, and cerebral palsy, the goal was clear: to demonstrate the profound impact of their services on students’ lives. To bring this vision to life, Cognitive Films produced a series of short documentary-style videos, capturing the real-life benefits of the Bookshare reading app.

Venturing into the homes and schools of students across Austin and Thrall, TX, our team undertook a heartfelt journey to document these stories. The project required intricate coordination with multiple stakeholders, including Benetech—the nonprofit behind Bookshare—the Texas Education Association, which provided grant funding, and the families of the students, who shared their personal experiences during interviews.

The approach was grounded in authenticity, focusing on the personal narratives of the students to highlight the app’s capability to transform reading into a customizable and enjoyable experience. Each video featured interviews, day-in-the-life sequences, and direct testimonials from the students, all woven together to illustrate how Bookshare meets diverse learning needs.

This project not only enhanced our understanding of the challenges within the education system for students with reading barriers but also underscored our commitment to producing meaningful, impactful content. It was a rewarding experience that allowed Cognitive Films to delve deeper into an inspiring community, showcasing how technology can profoundly enhance learning and accessibility.