Business Ink


Business Ink


Business Ink, prior to its acquisition by CSG International in 2018, specialized in the delivery of essential customer communications such as statements, invoices, and violations. With a robust infrastructure and a commitment to precision, they offered integrated print and electronic solutions that fortified the crucial connection between businesses and their clients. Catering to sectors including Fortune 500 companies and government programs, Business Ink required a video that could communicate their complex services and high accountability standards to their target audience.

Cognitive Films approached this by shooting in-depth interviews and dynamic b-roll at Business Ink’s North Austin facility. We captured an overview of their operations and interviews with the founders. The production included a mix of on-location footage, showcasing the technology in action, and an explanation of the unique qualities of the company from the leadership.

The final video served as a powerful tool for Business Ink, explaining their complex processes and service commitments in a clear and engaging manner. It highlighted the blend of traditional and digital printing technologies and their role as a trusted communicator between companies and their customers.