CTPO Patient Stories


Central Texas Pediatric Orthopedics

For over three decades, Central Texas Pediatric Orthopedics (CTPO) has been a cornerstone of the Austin community, offering unparalleled pediatric orthopedic care. Their dedicated team, consisting of pediatric fellowship-trained surgeons and specialized therapists, focuses on the unique needs of young patients. When CTPO celebrated their 30th anniversary, they wanted to highlight the personal stories of three patients who had undergone significant surgeries, capturing both the challenges and triumphs of their journeys.

Millie’s Fracture

Collaborating with Milk and Honey Marketing, Cognitive Films was tasked with bringing these narratives to life in a way that resonated with the primary audience—parents. To achieve this, we crafted a series of testimonial videos featuring both the child and their parents. This dual perspective added a fresh, engaging element to the videos, shifting the focus from the hardships to the heartwarming and uplifting experiences shared by the families. Filming took place in a studio setting, where we embraced a transparent approach by showcasing the production process itself, complete with CTPO’s brand colors and candid behind-the-scenes shots. This not only maintained visual consistency across the videos but also introduced an authentic, inviting atmosphere.

Devion’s Knee Surgery

Our innovative use of the EyeDirect system allowed for direct engagement with the camera, creating a more intimate and immediate connection with viewers. The outcome was a series of testimonial videos that struck the perfect balance of sincerity and lightness, effectively addressing the emotional concerns of parents while celebrating the resilience of their children. We supplemented these individual stories with an overarching video that intertwined the experiences of all three families, enhancing the narrative with a symbolic gesture—each child blowing out a candle to mark CTPO’s 30th anniversary.

Emily’s Scoliosis Surgery

The videos have since become a central feature of CTPO’s website and have been adapted into 30-second television spots, significantly enhancing the outreach and impact of their anniversary campaign. This project not only allowed Cognitive Films to delve into the heart of pediatric care but also provided us with an opportunity to explore and understand the profound impact of medical care on family dynamics. This experience was both enriching and enlightening, adding depth to our creative portfolio and strengthening our ability to tell meaningful stories through film.