Your Favorite Book



Bookshare, dedicated to making reading accessible for individuals with dyslexia, blindness, cerebral palsy, and other reading barriers, approached Cognitive Films to create a promotional video for their “Books Beloved” campaign. This initiative aimed to engage readers by inviting them to share their favorite books and the personal significance of these works.  Readers were invited to contribute their story through a dedicated online landing page or via the social media hashtag #booksbeloved. These stories were to be showcased in an online microsite to celebrate and spread the joy of reading and raise awareness for Bookshare.

Cognitive Films, having previously collaborated with Bookshare, opted for a creative approach that combined repurposed b-roll footage of students engrossed in books with colorful kinetic typography and animated emojis. This mix was further enhanced with an upbeat voiceover and lively music, for a fun and engaging promotional video. The result was not just a tool for launching the campaign but a vibrant invitation that encouraged participation and story-sharing, amplifying Bookshare’s mission.

We loved working with Bookshare on this project. The “Books Beloved” campaign offered us another opportunity to contribute to a cause that champions reading and ensures that everyone can access and enjoy the power of books.