Gesture Matters


Texas State University


Dr. Jonathan Babcock and Dr. Caroline Beatty are distinguished figures in the world of music education, contributing significantly to the field with their expertise and dedication. Dr. Babcock, internationally known for his work as a conductor and clinician, has collaborated with renowned artists like Stephanie Blythe and Victoria Clark, bringing his musical artistry to prestigious venues such as Carnegie Hall and St. Thomas Church in Leipzig. Dr. Beatty, as the Director of Bands at Texas State University, has elevated the school’s wind ensemble and band program through her focus on artistry, commissioning new works, and leading the Texas State Bands Centennial Music Project.

Cognitive Films had the opportunity to partner with these esteemed musicians to create a video masterclass, “Gesture Matters.” The course is designed to enhance nonverbal communication skills critical to music conductors, demonstrating the nuanced techniques required to lead performances effectively. Collaborating closely with Texas State staff, students, and stage managers, our crew captured multi-camera footage of live performances, in-depth interviews, and b-roll to provide a comprehensive learning experience. Our production included the production, staging and capture of the entire course and the creation of a teaser trailer to generate interest among conducting students and instructors worldwide.