Bronto Skylift

HOLT Aerial, previously known as Kardie Equipment, stands out as a titan in the aerial equipment sector, boasting North America’s largest fleet of mobile elevating work platforms (MEWP). As the premier distributor for Finland’s Bronto Skylift, HOLT Aerial has elevated the industry standards since 2010, providing unmatched aerial solutions primarily to the world’s leading renewable energy companies.

Kardie leadership tasked Cognitive Films with producing a video to demonstrate the impressive capabilities of their Bronto Skylift—a specialized aerial platform capable of extending over 300 feet into the air. The challenge was to effectively convey the scale and versatility of the lift in a context that would be visually striking and easily understood.

The chosen venue for demonstrating the Bronto Skylift’s capabilities was the Circuit of the Americas (COTA), leveraging its iconic 251-foot tower as a scale reference. The video production aimed to showcase not just the lift’s peak height but also its mobility and readiness for operation. To capture the features of the lift’s functionality, we orchestrated a sequence that included the truck maneuvering under a bridge, executing a tight turn, and setting up swiftly for operation—each scene designed to highlight different aspects of the equipment’s advanced engineering.

The logistical challenges of coordinating with COTA and nearby Austin airport for drone operations were met with thorough planning and clear communication before the shoot was scheduled. After we were given the clear, we scouted COTA to decide what route the Bronto would take to approach the tower and where our cameras would need to be for each moment in the sequence. We then prepared a rough shot list and schedule. With a combination of gimbal-mounted cameras and two drones, we executed the shoot in one day.

We edited the footage with dynamic typography appearing to float alongside the truck, achieved through motion tracking techniques. This visual flair, coupled with a high-energy blues soundtrack, solidified the video as a cornerstone of Kardie/HOLT Aerial’s marketing strategy. Prominently featured on their website’s homepage, the video continues to impress potential clients and partners by highlighting the functional artistry and operational supremacy of the Bronto Skylift.