Humanities Texas Teacher Institutes


Humanities Texas

Humanities Texas collaborates with leading universities and cultural institutions to provide enriching workshops and institutes for teachers across Texas. These initiatives are designed to deepen educators’ understanding of key humanities subjects integral to the state’s curricula, fostering professional growth and enhancing student learning.

Cognitive Films was commissioned to capture these dynamic events through video. Our objective was to create an overview video that would not only document the activities and but also weave in authentic testimonials from participants. This approach aimed to convey the impact of these gatherings on educators’ teaching methods and their students’ learning experiences.

Our team attended several sessions, engaging directly with the educators and speakers. We conducted studio-style interviews, capturing insights and reflections that highlighted the value and transformation experienced by attendees. The final video not only serves as an account of the programs but also continues to be a valuable tool for Humanities Texas to showcase the influence of their work on educators.