IES Quality Summit


Integrative Emergency Services (IES)


Integrative Emergency Services (IES) is a Dallas-based company that plays a pivotal role in transforming healthcare delivery through its emphasis on value-based care, particularly within emergency departments. As organizers of the IES Quality Summit, the largest conference of its kind in Texas focusing on evidence-based healthcare, IES sought to encapsulate the essence of this event in a video that would do more than just document; it aimed to inspire and inform.

Cognitive Films was tasked with producing an overview video that would bring together diverse perspectives from the summit. Rather than producing a standard event recap, our approach was to deepen the narrative through in-depth interviews. With our producer, Eleanor Griffin, taking on the role of host, we crafted a format that included insightful interviews with key IES leaders and clients, complemented by dynamic b-roll footage of the summit and impactful soundbites from speakers. This approach allowed us to weave a story that not only highlighted the summit’s vibrant atmosphere but also effectively communicated IES’s mission and impact on healthcare.

The result was a multifaceted video that not only showcased the summit in a positive light but also served as a valuable tool for IES to convey their core messages. Through this collaboration, we created a video that continues to support IES in their ongoing efforts to advance healthcare quality and efficacy.