Muve Patient Stories


Muve Lakeway

Muve (Lakeway) is a leader in orthopedic care, prioritizing a customized, expert-guided approach that focuses on optimal patient care and outcomes. To capture and convey the real-life impact of their services, Muve enlisted Cognitive Films to create a series of patient testimonial videos. These testimonials were designed to showcase the deeply personal and positive experiences of those who have undergone treatment at Muve’s surgery center and Stay Recovery Suites.

The production process began with pre-interviews to delve into patients’ experiences, identifying the most impactful aspects of their care. This foundational work helped us craft interview questions that would elicit poignant, compelling narratives during the actual shoot. Over multiple days, we filmed on-site at Muve, capturing not only these heartfelt interviews with patients who were well into their recovery phase but also vibrant b-roll footage that reenacted their interactions with nurse navigators and their time in the Stay Suites.

The resulting videos have become a key component of Muve’s outreach, helping potential patients understand the quality and care Muve offers. For Cognitive Films, this project was not only a rewarding creative endeavor but also an opportunity to better understand the intricacies of specialized healthcare services. Through our lens, we were able to help Muve enhance its connection with current and future patients, demonstrating the real-world success of their orthopedic care solutions.

Donna’s Story

David’s Story

Rita’s Story

In addition to patient testimonials, we also turned our cameras towards the Muve Navigators, integral to the patient care process. Our goal was to shine a light on their pivotal roles and the fulfilling interactions they have with patients. These interviews were crafted to provide viewers with a deeper understanding of the navigator’s day-to-day responsibilities and their personal commitment to patient recovery. This element of the project underscored the human touch that Muve prides itself on.

Hallie: Muve Navigator

We felt privileged to have the trust of Muve’s leadership, allowing us extensive access to both their facilities and their stories. This trust enabled us to not only capture the authentic experiences of the patients but also to spend substantial time with Muve employees, gaining insights into the compassionate culture that underpins their patient care philosophy. This comprehensive exposure was invaluable, enhancing the richness of the content we produced and deepening our appreciation for the healthcare sector.