North By Northwest Landscaping


North By Northwest Landscaping


North By Northwest Landscaping, a family-owned enterprise founded in 2003 by Jay and Yolanda Martin, offers comprehensive commercial landscaping services across Austin and its neighboring cities. Specializing in landscape maintenance, design, irrigation, and construction, they manage over 120 commercial properties. The core challenge for North By Northwest was to foster trust with potential clients through a genuine showcase of their expertise and client satisfaction.

Cognitive Films collaborated with North By Northwest Landscaping to create a compelling series of videos, including client case studies and a detailed overview video. Our approach was to capture the authenticity of North By Northwest’s operations and client interactions through on-site filming at various landscaping projects. This was not merely a photographic display of finished projects but a dynamic representation of the services in action, such as irrigation installations and landscape maintenance.

Filming involved coordinating with the North By Northwest team and their clients amidst active project sites, navigating logistical challenges like weather conditions and work schedules. We conducted in-depth interviews with key personnel, including Vice President Jordan Martin, and several long-standing clients. These interviews, combined with high-quality b-roll footage of the crew at work, culminated in a series of videos that North By Northwest now successfully utilizes on their website and social media to enhance their credibility and attract new commercial clients.

This project was particularly rewarding for Cognitive Films, offering us an opportunity to engage deeply with the landscaping industry and experience the tangible aspects of the trade—freshly cut grass and outdoor sunshine. The result is a set of videos that not only resolved North By Northwest’s initial challenge but also enriched our team’s experience with valuable industry insights.