PhytoGen® Innovation Trials


Corteva Agriscience™

PhytoGen Cottonseed is known for its high-yielding cottonseed with excellent fiber quality, advanced trait technologies, and native traits that help farmers succeed. The company’s versatile W3FE variety, a mid-season offering, showcases remarkable adaptability and integrates PhytoGen Breeding Traits™, enhancing resistance to bacterial blight, root-knot, and reniform nematodes.

In partnership with Corteva Agriscience, Cognitive Films produced a documentary video series called “Yielding the Proof,” which highlighted the impressive resilience of PhytoGen’s W3FE varieties against pests and their ability to deliver higher yield potential. This specific episode featured cotton producer Rodney Helton from Atmore, Alabama, alongside Cotton Development Specialist Russell Nuti, Ph.D. They provided insights into a variety trial conducted on soils infested with reniform nematodes.

The trial demonstrated that the W3FE variety, specifically PhytoGen 443, was successful in achieving superior yields on almost every acre. Nematode-resistant varieties have shed their previous reputation of being inferior, now out-yielding competitors by up to 500 pounds per acre. PhytoGen varieties have proven their resilience under challenging conditions, leading to substantial cost savings and enhanced yields for growers.

For this video series, Cognitive Films joined forces with Corteva’s team in Atmore, AL, conducting interviews with farmers and cotton experts at Corteva Agriscience. Through in-depth interviews and a variety of b-roll footage shot from both the ground and above, we captured the evidence needed to weave a story of success, highlighting the farmers who benefited from this innovative seed and trait technology.