Casey’s Pools


Casey's Pools of Texas


Casey’s Pools, a stalwart in the pool and spa building industry since 1984 in Katy, Texas, has long been distinguished by the dedicated craftsmanship of Dennis Clack, its owner. Emphasizing personal engagement and a hands-on approach, Dennis has nurtured his business to be a reflection of his commitment to quality and service. The objective of the project was to encapsulate the essence of Casey’s Pools in a straightforward company overview video that would be featured prominently on their homepage.

For this video, Cognitive Films decided to leverage the picturesque setting of a model pool located just outside Casey’s office and design center. The production was centered around a candid interview with Dennis Clack, aiming to convey his passion and expertise to viewers. By capturing genuine moments and detailed visuals of the model pool, the video serves not only as an introduction to potential customers but also as an affirmation of the brand’s enduring values.

The shoot was efficiently completed in about two hours, marking it as one of the first profile videos undertaken by Cognitive Films. This swift production not only challenged our team to capture the core message concisely but also provided an invaluable learning opportunity in creating effective profile content. The result was a polished, engaging video that not only introduces viewers to Dennis’s approachable personality but also visually showcases the quality of work Casey’s Pools delivers.