Sirius Decisions Summit


Sirius Decisions / Forrester


SiriusDecisions, Inc. (Now Forrester), a global B2B research and advisory firm renowned for developing the influential “Demand Waterfall” model, has served an elite clientele including Adobe and IBM, SiriusDecisions aimed to enhance their summit’s visibility and showcase the value of sponsorship through dynamic visual content.

They tasked Cognitive Films with creating captivating event videos for their 2019 Summit at the Austin Convention Center. Our approach was to produce a promotional event reel that captured the essence of the summit—its bustling exhibition halls, insightful speakers, and the vibrant interactions among attendees. Equipped with a keen understanding of B2B environments, we deployed our team to gather exciting b-roll footage, and conducted targeted interviews with attendees as well as prominent figures from Salesforce, Terminus, Bigtincan, and other leading B2B service providers. This strategic content collection was designed not just to document the event, but to amplify the engaging and educational atmosphere of the summit.

In addition to the main event promo, we also produced this ‘Why Sponsor’ Sirius Decisions video.

The outcome was a series of videos that not only highlighted the summit’s best moments and benefits of sponsorship but also continued to serve SiriusDecisions in attracting future participants and sponsors. This project was a rewarding experience for Cognitive Films, deepening our expertise in the B2B sector and enhancing our ability to craft impactful narratives in a complex industry setting. Through this collaboration, we not only met SiriusDecisions’ needs but also celebrated the vibrant community that drives B2B innovation. Sirius Decisions was acquired by Forrester in 2019, and is now known as Forrester Decisions.