Southwestern University Senior Stories


Southwestern University


Southwestern University, a distinguished private liberal arts college located in Georgetown, Texas, is renowned for offering a top-ranked integrated arts and sciences curriculum. Known as Texas’ oldest institution of higher learning, Southwestern University prides itself on its unique educational approach, Paideia, which emphasizes interdisciplinary learning and the connections among various fields of study.

Faced with the challenge of attracting prospective students during the critical enrollment season, Southwestern University partnered with Cognitive Films to showcase what makes it an ideal choice for higher education. Our team developed a concept focusing on authentic, interview-driven documentary-style videos. Each piece highlighted a different aspect of university life—academic rigor, social scene, the experience of transfer students, and the impact of the Paideia philosophy—through the eyes of the students themselves.

Over two consecutive days, our crew worked meticulously to capture these personal stories. We conducted interviews that not only provided insights into individual experiences but also reflected the broader academic and cultural environment at Southwestern. To complement these narratives, we filmed b-roll footage across the campus, subtly integrating its scenic beauty and vibrant atmosphere into the films. This approach not only illustrated the tangible benefits of the university but also conveyed the essence of its community and setting.

This project was particularly rewarding for Cognitive Films as it allowed us to delve into the rich and complex world of a liberal arts education. The experience afforded us a deeper understanding of Southwestern University’s unique educational philosophy and community, while also challenging our team to convey these intricate themes through compelling storytelling and visual representation. The final series of videos continue to resonate with potential students, helping them envision a future at Southwestern University.