Techline Sports Lighting


Techline Sports Lighting


Techline Sports Lighting has been illuminating the sports world nationwide for over two decades, specializing in lighting solutions for schools, sports arenas, and stadiums. Recognizing the need for a comprehensive video that encapsulates their services, products, and distinctive approach, Techline aimed to craft a visual narrative that introduces both their business and their dedicated team to potential clients.

To meet this challenge, Cognitive Films devised a strategy centered around authenticity and direct engagement. We conducted unscripted interviews with Techline’s leadership within a bespoke mini studio set up at their Lakeway offices. This approach ensured the footage was both personal and professional, capturing the essence of the people behind the products. Complementing these interviews, our team captured dynamic b-roll at Techline’s manufacturing facilities and headquarters. Further authenticity was added through on-site footage of an actual lighting installation in Big Lake, West Texas, enhanced by stunning aerial shots showcasing the dramatic impact of their lighting solutions in action.

The resulting video has since become a cornerstone of Techline’s marketing efforts, offering a genuine look at the company’s capabilities and values. For Cognitive Films, this project was not only a testament to our production skills but also an enjoyable experience that deepened our appreciation for the sports lighting industry. Working with Techline’s remarkably friendly and grounded team was both a pleasure and a privilege.