Thinkery Event


Spectrum / Time Warner


For the “Full Speed Ahead” event hosted by Time Warner Cable (Now Spectrum) at the Thinkery Museum in Austin, Cognitive Films partnered with the client to create an engaging television spot that brought to life the excitement and educational value of the day. The client sought to highlight how the principles of STEM—science, technology, engineering, and math—integrate seamlessly into the world of racing, all while engaging over 3,100 attendees, primarily children, in hands-on learning experiences.

Cognitive Films tackled the project by focusing on dynamic location b-roll that captured the energy and interactions at the event, coupled with sound mixing and conducting interviews that conveyed the enthusiasm of participants and the educational messages. The team navigated the bustling environment of the museum, coordinating with Time Warner Cable producers to ensure that every crucial moment was documented, from the excitement of the kids engaging in activities to the detailed explanations of STEM concepts.