Thriving in Cotton


Corteva Agriscience

PhytoGen®, a pioneer in cottonseed development, is dedicated to helping West Texas cotton producers overcome the significant challenge of nematodes—pests that can drastically reduce cotton yields and profitability. To combat this issue, PhytoGen® has introduced new W3FE cottonseed varieties resistant to reniform and root-knot nematodes, promising to boost cotton yields. Cognitive Films partnered with PhytoGen® to create an informative video showcasing these groundbreaking varieties. Our team traveled to Wall County in West Texas to gather firsthand accounts from local growers and Cotton Development Specialist Scott Fuchs.

The video features interviews that highlight the real-world benefits of these varieties and extensive b-roll footage demonstrating the cotton’s growth stages and trial results. This approach not only illustrated the effectiveness of the seed variety but also painted a picture of the challenges and triumphs experienced by the growers.