Buyer Facilitator


Topaz Sales Consulting

Topaz Sales Consulting specializes in transforming teams into revenue-generating powerhouses through actionable video training and expert live coaching. Their mission goes beyond conventional sales consultancy by addressing unique challenges in sales, hiring, and leadership. Recognizing the need to stand out, Topaz aimed to craft a distinctive video for their homepage that not only introduces their services but also vividly presents the common challenges their clients face and the foundational philosophies of their training programs.

Cognitive Films took a personalized approach to this project, centering the video around Jorge Chavez, Topaz’s founder and the embodiment of their philosophies. Rather than staging a typical scripted presentation, we captured Jorge in his element—coaching. By setting up a simple yet professional filming environment with a seamless background and strategic lighting, we recorded Jorge’s genuine coaching sessions. This approach yielded an abundance of authentic content, enabling us to produce not only an engaging homepage video but also a series of niche-focused videos that kick-started the Topaz YouTube channel.

The collaboration has since expanded, leading to the production of over 40 videos, including complete video courses, recruiting videos, lead magnet videos, and a variety of social media content. This partnership has been particularly enlightening for Cognitive Films, profoundly influencing our own service model. Inspired by our experiences with Topaz, we’ve evolved from selling video services to facilitating informed buying decisions for our clients. This shift reflects our deepened understanding of client relationships and process optimization, underscoring the rewarding journey we’ve shared with Topaz.