Trendkite (Now Cision)

TrendKite approached Cognitive Films with a clear vision: they needed an overview video that would demystify their all-in-one PR campaign management tool in a manner that was simple, fun, and engaging. Their software, essential for PR professionals to identify journalists, pitch stories, and produce real-time reports, required a concise yet comprehensive showcase of its features.

In brainstorming sessions with TrendKite’s marketing team, we decided to personify the software through a relatable figure—a PR executive. This character would serve as the viewer’s guide through TrendKite’s offerings, depicted against a minimalist, infinite white background that accentuated the software’s interface, seamlessly integrated into the visual narrative. T. The role of the PR executive was uniquely cast using an actual employee from TrendKite, adding authenticity and a personal touch to the portrayal.

As production neared, a creative challenge emerged. The marketing director felt the video lacked a certain enchanting element that would truly captivate the audience. She wanted to add some “magic.” Perhaps a unicorn?

After much deliberation, and idea struck us. We needed a wizard. It was an unexpected yet perfect solution to bring an element of wonder to the technical explanations. It was also much simpler to execute than a unicorn. In a dash of spontaneity, we sourced a wizard costume from the nearby “Lucy in Disguise,” the legendary Austin costume shop, and our camera operator, Ryan Gates, eagerly (maybe too eagerly) stepped into the role. This creative pivot not only enhanced the video’s appeal but also perfectly aligned with the concept of navigating through the magical potential of TrendKite’s software. We had a lot of fun making this video and the end result was, in our opinion, nothing short of magic.

Trendkite loved it too. The video continues to be a standout piece, even after TrendKite’s acquisition by Cision, capturing the essence of effective and whimsical storytelling in the business context.