Memorial Day Flood Relief


United Way of Hays County

United Way of Hays County mobilized its resources in response to the severe flooding in Central Texas during the spring of 2015. They focused their efforts on the town of Martindale, providing essential aid including water, supplies, and clean-up assistance to affected families.

Cognitive Films was brought on board to document these commendable relief efforts and to showcase the resilience and community spirit in the face of disaster. Our approach was to attempt to capture the raw and poignant moments of recovery and aid. We conducted on-site filming at the volunteer center and in the neighborhoods heavily impacted by the floods. The project involved interviews with volunteers, footage of the distribution of supplies, and the clean-up processes in homes devastated by the floodwaters.

The resulting video serves not only as a document of the time but also as an ongoing tool for United Way to demonstrate the impact of community solidarity and the critical role of organized volunteer response in times of crisis. The video was integral to a social media campaign aimed at raising awareness and soliciting donations. It highlighted the urgent needs of the flood victims and the tangible benefits of every contribution, encouraging viewers to support the rebuilding process. It highlights the real difference made by the United Way and its volunteers, reinforcing the importance of community support and preparedness for future emergencies.