Wiley PXT Select Conference




Cognitive Films was entrusted by Wiley to produce a dynamic event video for the PXT Select™ conference, an event hosted by Wiley. The conference, held in San Antonio, was a gathering of PXT partners and featured Patrick Lencioni, a celebrated author known for his insights into team working dynamics. Our objective was to capture the atmosphere of the event, interviews with guests, and conduct an in-depth interview with Patrick Lencioni.

The project entailed creating an event recap sizzle reel that captured the energy and key highlights of the conference, and also capture interviews with key Wiley PXT Select partners. Our production team, led by producer Eleanor Griffin, faced the challenge of blending high-energy event footage with thoughtful, in-depth interviews. A special segment we delivered featured an exclusive interview with Patrick Lencioni, discussing the nuances of hiring effective team players—a big component of the PXT Select™ philosophy.

Cognitive Films also crafted short videos for Lencioni’s training company, The Table Group. ensuring the key messages resonated across multiple platforms. This approach not only amplified the event’s reach but further enriched the promotional toolkit of PXT Select™ and Lencioni’s firm.