Women Driving Automotive


Penske Automotive Group

In 2021, Penske Automotive Group commissioned Cognitive Films to produce a video series for the Women Driving Auto Retail video contest, aimed at highlighting the vital roles women play in the automotive industry. This project was timed to coincide with an annual event organized by the National Automobile Dealers Association, which focuses on increasing female employment and amplifying their contributions within the sector.

Our producer, Eleanor Griffin, spearheaded the project, capturing candid interviews with four women from various dealerships including Lexus of Austin, Honda of Round Rock, and Lexus of Lakeway. The women, serving in roles from Service Manager to General Manager, shared their journeys and the unique challenges they face in a traditionally male-dominated field.

Each segment of this series was edited to resonate with viewers at the Women Driving Auto Retail Conference. Through the combination of personal stories and professional insights, the videos celebrated the achievements of these women and the importance of their presence in automotive retail.

The experience of connecting with these inspiring women and helping broadcast their stories was rewarding for Cognitive Films, and provided us with a better understanding of the automotive industry and the opportunity to contribute to the cause.