Yield Hero


Pioneer® Seeds


For Pioneer Seeds, a leader in agricultural seed production and agronomic support, the annual Yield Hero contest represents a celebration of agricultural success. This event showcases growers who achieve remarkable yields using Pioneer® products, bolstered by expert local support and agronomic knowledge. Tasked with capturing this event, Cognitive Films set out to document the personal victories and unique stories of the contest winners.

Understanding the essence of these stories hinged on developing insightful interview questions. We crafted a dual-interview format, pairing each grower with their trusted Pioneer seed representative. This approach not only highlighted the individual narratives but also illuminated the strong bonds between the growers and their reps. Through a mix of heartfelt storytelling and a playful “three words to describe each other” exercise, the interviews transcended typical testimonials, showcasing genuine connections and shared achievements.

The resulting video served as both a compelling recap of the Yield Hero contest and an effective promotional tool for future events. It not only celebrated the growers’ successes but also emphasized the invaluable relationships that contribute to these achievements. This project was especially rewarding for Cognitive Films, as it provided a deeper understanding of the agricultural community and the significant impact of these relationships on both personal and professional levels.