Documentary Film Production

Nonfiction Storytelling for Purpose Driven Brands

Every meaningful action has a story behind it.  We are here to help you tell that story through film. From concept to production, our team supports every phase of your documentary film project.

Rise of the Centaur

“In 1995, four visionaries led by tech pioneer Glenn Henry launched a bold $10 million venture from their kitchens: creating a low-cost chip compatible with Intel. This documentary traces the rise of Centaur Technology, from its scrappy beginnings to its revolutionary impact on the tech world.

With unprecedented access, we dive into their intense journey to develop their latest microprocessor. Witness the challenges faced by this small company as they compete with industry giants, crafting innovations that power devices for global brands like Samsung and HP.”

Meaningful Happens Here: The Story of Brookwood

Discover the heart and resilience of Brookwood Community, a pioneering nonprofit nestled just outside Houston, Texas, providing a sanctuary for adults with functional disabilities.

This documentary explores the expansive Brookwood campus, featuring specialized facilities from health clinics to greenhouses, all designed to foster independence and well-being. Dive into the lives of the ‘Brookwoodians,’ who find not just care but a true home here.

Beyond its borders, Brookwood’s influence stretches globally as it shares its unique care model with the world, reshaping perceptions of disability and caregiving.

Sheebani & The Miracle Foundation

In a heartfelt journey, ‘Flash Tattoos’ founder Miranda Burnet travels to Southern India to witness the transformative impact of The Miracle Foundation, a non-profit focused on the care and protection of vulnerable children. 

This short documentary captures the poignant moments at Anabrasi Orphanage, where the lives of its children are being uplifted through innovative management and funding, revealing a story of hope and empowerment from Austin Texas to the town of Dindigul.