Make Me Care: Pixar Writer Andrew Stanton on Storytelling

Ted Stanton on Storytelling

In this TED Talk, Pixar director/screenwriter Andrew Stanton (“Toy Story,” “Finding Nemo,” “WALL-E”) shares a few of his ideas about what makes a great story.   Here are a few takeaways from the presentation: Why should you care? Every good marketer at least pretends to respect the power storytelling.  You don’t have to be a hollywood screenwriter to write a […]

Ken Burns on Emotional Truth in Storytelling

Ken Burns on Documentary Storytelling

In this short video featured in The Atlantic,  legendary documentary filmmaker Ken Burns explains how the whole of the story transcends the sum of its parts: Jean Luc Goddard said cinema is truth 24 times a second. Maybe. It’s lying 24 times a second too, all the time, all story is manipulation. Is there acceptable […]

Caine’s Arcade: Documentary Story Elements

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Even in documentary production, story elements are essential to keep the audience engaged. How can you “plan” a story when you are documenting real life? How do character, setting, plot, conflict and theme play out in a documentary? Caine’s arcade is a video about a young boy who built a mini-arcade out of cardboard boxes and supplies […]

The Storytelling Formula

video storytelling

At Cognitive Films, even though we primarily concentrate on documentary video production, we do our best to apply storytelling principals in both the planning phase and the editing room after the shoot. By building to a resoultion (AKA Theme) and layering the information in logically, a documentary can edited to follow basic story structure. Even when […]

Austin Event: Storytelling Through Film

Austin Event: Storytelling Through Film In October 2010, with the support of Humanities Texas, we were able to provide educators with the opportunity to participate in a day-long training during the Austin Film Festival & Conference facilitated by film industry experts. This session was focused on providing teachers with the knowledge base to implement a […]