Adobe Anywhere Offers Collaborative Video Editing Across the Web

Adobe has just announced a new service/feature called “Adobe Anywhere” that allows video editors to collaborate on editing projects across the web. Using Adobe Anywhere, video editors can work with remote assets over the network and work on a single timeline without having to copy or transfer files to local systems, apparently without a loss of quality or speed. Seems a little too good to be true, but then again, so are most Adobe products (yes, I’m a fanboy). Check out this video to find out more.

Adobe Anywhere Introduction Video:

Adobe Anywhere for video allows video teams to collaborate and access shared media across standard networks virtually anywhere they have internet connectivity. Product Manager Michael Coleman and Worldwide Evangelist Jason Levine demonstrate how Adobe Anywhere helps video teams work together and create more efficiently than ever before possible. – Adobe TV

Adobe Premiere CS6 and Adobe Anywhere Demo at Amsterdam Supermeet 2012

Al Mooney and Michael Coleman discuss Adobe Anywhere (Skip to 17:50)

Adobe Anywhere Features

Efficient, mobile workflow made for collaborative video production teams.
Works with existing media asset management (MAM) and other workflow systems.
Use shared, centrally located video files across a network
“The system is intelligent enough that if you start working with a local clip, it will start moving that clip up to the server in the background, based on usage.
Video plays and scrubs over a network at similar speeds
No proxy files or rendering needed to share access to a timeline.
Server does the work and send
Server does compositing and sends a single stream over the laptop.
Doesn’t require specialized hardware.
Loggers, editors and graphic artists can collaborate remotely, easily.
Adobe Anywhere was announced at the IBC 2012 Conference and Exhibition is scheduled for release in 2013.