Burt from Burts Bees on a Motorcycle. A screenshot from Burts Buzz Documentary

Documarketing: The Branded Documentary

Brands are putting themselves in the spotlight with feature-length documentaries. Over the last decade, documentary films have been on the rise in popularity and profitability.

Transparency in Fashion Documentaries

Removing the veil in front of fashion From finance to fashion, certain industries are traditionally, by design, cloaked in mystery.  New York Times fashion columnist Vanessa

Get Camera Ready on Kickstarter!

Get Camera Ready on Kickstarter! I recently came across a really interesting Kickstarter project by journalist and former BBC reporter Manoush Zomorodi. Camera Ready is a multimedia e-book that will

Say No to Vertical Videos

Camera phones have come a long way in the last few years. The HD video capabilities on the new iPhone are amazing.  Some have even tested