Commercials We Love: The Impossible Dream by Honda

When Honda released “The Impossible Dream” commercial in December 2005, created by Wieden+Kennedy London, it set a benchmark for aspirational advertising. It is a narrative about pursuing one’s passions against all odds, embodied by a protagonist riding through various terrains on different Honda vehicles. The ad cleverly interweaves Honda’s message with the universal appeal of achieving one’s dreams, making it memorable and relatable.

The choice of soundtrack, Andy Williams’ rendition of “The Impossible Dream,” further amplifies the emotional resonance of the ad, lending a cinematic quality that elevates the narrative. This integration of audio with visual storytelling creates a multi-sensory experience that engages viewers on an emotional level, making the commercial stick in their minds long after it has ended.

The Big Takeaway

Honda’s ad succeeds by not just talking about products but by connecting those products to a larger, inspirational theme You can borrow from Honda’s approach by creating ads that connect emotionally, rather than focusing solely on product features. Telling a story that your audience can see themselves in, which mirrors their aspirations or challenges, can create a lasting impact. This doesn’t require a large budget; even simple videos or images that tell a genuine story can resonate deeply with viewers.