Get Camera Ready on Kickstarter!

Get Camera Ready on Kickstarter!

I recently came across a really interesting Kickstarter project by journalist and former BBC reporter Manoush Zomorodi. Camera Ready is a multimedia e-book that will contain what she says is a culmination of her life’s work as an on-camera reporter and media trainer.  I naturally look twice at books related to journalistic or documentary video production, and devour pretty much any video I see that is available on the subject. 

manoush zomorodiAs a video producer, I often interview people who have spent very little time if any in front of a camera.  Some people are natural in front of a camera, but it is very rare.  To help our interviewees prepare, we usually send a short interview tip sheet, which contains basic information about what to expect, what to wear, and a few other tips on camera presence.  Before the interview, I usually offer a few tips as well to get interviewees comfortable.  With this book, I may start sounding like I know what I am talking about.

At the moment I am writing this post, there are less than 48 hours left to back the project, and it only needs a few more mid-level backers to completely fund the release.  If you are interested, check out the summary below:

What is Camera Ready?

  • It’s a multimedia enhanced eBook chock-full of informative content, including 20 videos covering on-camera tips and techniques based on my many years of experience as a reporter and media trainer. It’s also pretty funny in some parts!
  • It’s got great interviews with video experts from media, technology, and academia. That’s right, moguls and nerds!
  • It will feature a forward by Google’s Head of Media, Joshua Spanier, which is awesome, even though my request for a personal Google Doodle was sadly denied.
  • Above all, my hope is that Camera Ready will be an invaluable learning tool for anyone who wants to share their message and connect with an audience in front of the camera.

Who is Camera Ready for? 

  • Journalists – make the most of your live interviews over Skype and Google+.
  • Aspiring entrepreneurs – create an amazing product pitch or demo on-camera.
  • Non-profits – spread your message and cause in a meaningful way.
  • You!

Here’s a sample of the chapters and sections that are included in Camera Ready:

  • The Top Ten On-Camera Mistakes
  • The Basic Tenet of Good Video: Versatility
  • Superficial Stuff: Why You Should Care
  • Preparation And Writing: Setting The Tone
  • Time To Rehearse: Bring The Energy
  • It’s In The Angles
  • Live or Taped: What To Expect
  • The Art of Interviewing