Peter Guber on How to Tell Authentic Stories

Peter Guber on How to Tell Authentic Stories

Every time you tell a joke, recommend ar a movie, or describe an experience, you are storytelling authentically. You believe it. You were there.  Because they were significant you, you genuinely want to share these experiences with others.

As a speaker, presenter or interviewee, you can achieve this level of authentic engagement on-demand.  Whether it is one to one, in front of a group or even on camera, it is possible to connect with your audience on a much deeper level when you tell your story authentically.  In this Harvard Business Review video interview, Peter Guber, chairman and CEO of the Mandalay Entertainment Group, explains the process behind this storytelling strategy:

  • Try to motivate or convince yourself first. Wrestle with the story from within and you will have a better platform to stand on.
  • Be interested, not interesting.  Be interested in your audiences need so you will craft your story properly by considering their needs.
  • Let them capture the need through their own lens. Surrender ownership of your benefit to your audience.
  • Be clear of your goal:  What do you want them to do?  What do you want to happen?
  • Be interactive:  The teller is an active listener.  Respond to and react to audience reactions (if possible).
  • The content must have an emotional component to bond with the information to make it memorable, resonant, and actionable.
  • Drop the script.  Prepare and do your homework, but get rid of the script when finally delivering your presentation.
  • Be spontaneous.

The most important component of persuasive and purposeful storytelling is authenticity.  It is the element that spurs viral advocacy, and allows the audience to own the story. Hand it over to them.

If this interests you, you can check out Gubers book, Tell to Win.