Leveraging Client Voices For a High Energy Testimonial Video

Initial Contact and Challenge

“When Bitbox’s Director of Product Strategy first approached us to produce a testimonial film, he had significant doubts about the viability of the project given the limited resources at hand. There were three clients, along with their CEO, visiting Austin for a day only. Our allotted time with each was around an hour before they had to jet off.

Recognizing these constraints, we suggested leveraging our conveniently located studio, which was a mere 10-minute drive from the airport. This arrangement offered an efficient solution, providing a serene environment optimized for recording each interviewee.

The Technical Challenge

However, the task was far from straightforward. Bitbox’s operations involved highly specialized, tech-oriented concepts. Put simply, Bitbox empowers IT administrators to remotely supervise and control their edge data centers. This allows, for instance, the monitoring of a server room’s temperature from thousands of miles away and even unlocking the door remotely for maintenance staff.

Conveying this in a way that would resonate with their technically savvy clients was a challenge. Therefore, we had to rapidly get up to speed with their language and nuances.

Preparation and Production

After several intensive pre-production calls, we gained significant familiarity, if not expertise, with Bitbox’s offering and its intended audience. Understanding the ‘who’ was as critical as the ‘what’ – we aimed to converse with the target demographic with a suitable level of proficiency.

This meticulous preparation empowered us to have meaningful discussions with the clients. Their insights were invaluable, enabling us to highlight potential customer concerns and convincingly advocate why Bitbox is an effective solution.

Now, armed with a firm grasp of the subject and excellent interview content, the challenge was to craft an engaging and stimulating piece. We aimed for a creation that not only captured viewers’ attention but also something Bitbox would proudly showcase.

Post-Production and Final Touches

In the post-production stage, the rhythm of the music served as our guide. We chose a percussion-rich track with a brisk tempo to infuse a sense of urgency and excitement. We then interwove the most captivating snippets from each client to form a unified narrative.

Consistency was maintained in the visual aspect of each interview with our studio setup, with varying focal lengths introduced to instill dynamism. Ultimately, the end product featured real customers championing a product that has, in their words, transformed their businesses – a testimonial delivered with authenticity and zeal.”

And the client was thrilled.

Four minutes after sending the first draft:

“Holy Crap. It’s awesome.”