New Vimeo Pro Video Hosting for Business

New Vimeo Pro Video Hosting for Business

Vimeo recently announced a new upgrade, Vimeo Pro. This $200/year video hosting service is geared toward businesses who want to utilize the simple video hosting features of Vimeo for commercial purposes.

I have been using Vimeo Plus for a while now. It allows us to easily embed video on our sites with an unbranded video player that serves up video fairly quickly. I could host video myself, but Vimeo makes it easy to get it online and they take care of encoding for devices, player customization and everything else. They also have a community to plug into, which helps make videos findable.

Users are asked to uphold community guidelines, so commercial work is not allowed. If you are a business and want to upload content that doesn’t comply with the Community Guidelines​guidelines, you now have the option to spring for Vimeo Pro.

New Vimeo Pro features will include:

  • Portfolios: These are basically video-based website templates.
  • Video Review Pages: Allows for sharing protected access to videos for editing feedback/discussion.
  • Analytics: Advanced tracking of video views and stats
  • Branded video players: Use your logo and styled play buttons.
  • High Quality: Full 1080P HD video support

Vimeo Pro services cost $199 per year, and you get 50GB of video upload space and up to 250,000 embedded video plays.

Vimeo Pro wishlist:

Just when you thought it was safe to celebrate, here are my suggestions for future pro video hosting features:

  • Ability to run/manage pre-roll ads/messages (with analytics) on videos
  • Many more robust “player templates” (chapters/etc) rather than full “site templates”
  • Ability for auto-play pre-muted. Will restart with volume when played.

We will be upgrading to Vimeo Pro. If you are interested in more about Vimeo Pro, follow the link.