Say No to Vertical Videos

Camera phones have come a long way in the last few years. The HD video capabilities on the new iPhone are amazing.  Some have even tested the iPhone 4S camera to prove that in certain light the quality can almost rival a DSLR.  Millions now hold the power to shoot decent video right in their pockets. That is why this PSA is so important.

If we are going to wield the power of this modern technology to capture special moments in history, it is worth the extra sweat to do it right.  Just remember, TTPSBYS. (Turn the phone sideways before you shoot).  A vertical video can ruin the experience on any screen other than the phone.  If you ever intend on using the footage for anything, a horizontal shot will save your editor one less facepalm.

Sure, there are bigger problems in the world, but every time I see someone shooting a video vertically I feel a need to speak up.  Thankfully, Glove & Boots produced this handy PSA that may prevent me from becoming ”that guy”. It’s pretty hilarious.  If you do no someone who suffers from VVS, send them this and help make video more watchable.